This litter in South Carolina was born in September, 2010.  It was a much-anticipated breeding of a beautiful health-tested, temperamentally sound, half-UK white Boxer bitch to a European import in North Carolina who is genetically plain. 

Contrary to the mythology that compels the American Boxer Club to continue what can only be termed its obsessive prejudice against the white Boxer, it’s clear that a breeding of this nature produces exactly what all show breeders pray for:  an entire litter of beautifully marked flashy puppies.

Time to change the rules, ABC.  Long past time, actually.  If the German Boxer Club can recognize whites Boxers, we can certainly follow suit in North America.  At the very least, we can stop persecuting those who follow the more enlightened European example.

Myth busters

And below is another beautiful, healthy litter out of another white bitch, born in June, 2014.  Seriously ~ what’s not to like?